Before proceeding with the medical planning, UHS will prepare a design brief questionnaire for the client /end users feedback that is used to define the design requirements, deliverables, and scope and to provide responsive design solutions for the client requirements, the design brief questionnaire will mostly target Operational matters that will aect the medical planning.  In the absence of input from the client on this document, our experienced medical planners, will plan based on international and regional standards and norms of Operational matters.


During the following design stages of the health care facilities, our engineers and planners will prepare  Narratives for each system (if not available by the client), that will describe the Functions that the planned system will provide, the technology level, the Operational aspects of the system, and interfaces with other systems.


Systems like medical equipment, ICT systems, nurse call system, food services and laundry, laboratory, and pharmacy, amongst others, will be better designed and responsive to client/ end users needs if Narratives were prepared and approved beforehand.

Design brief