UHS Publications

Universal Hospital Services’ first publication “The Art of Medical Equipment & Furniture Planning” was launched in 2004.

The book was designed to assist Architects, Electromechanical Engineers, University students and anyone who works or is interested in the field of medical equipment & furniture planning. It contains the following information for each room of the hospital departments as listed in the attached list:

– Recommended area for each room

– Critical dimensions to the efficient functioning of activity space.

– Elevations to indicate the heights of the service outlets

– List of medical Equipment and furniture/ room

– Electromechanical service outlets requirements

– Images for medical Equipment and furniture

The book is an invaluable document for everybody working in the healthcare industry, whether architects, planners, students, administrators or engineers. We hope it will be The Reference Book in the field of hospital and medical equipment planning.

This book can be purchased from Amazon, or it can be directly purchased through our Head office: uhs@uhs-jo.com

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