Latest UHS Workshop

The latest workshop organized & sponsored by UHS was entitled Integrated Hospital Planning.
It was held at Al-Bustan Palace (Ritz-Carlton Hotel) in Muscat-Oman, on 2nd and 2rd of June 2013.

The workshop was attended by 32 of Engineers, Doctors, Pharmacists and Technicians from different sectors such as the Omani Ministry of Health, Office of the Commander of the Royal Guard of Oman, Royal Hospital, Directorate General of Medical Services Ministry of Defense, Royal Army of Oman-Medical Services, and Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.

Subjects covered in the workshop included:

1.       Medical Planning for Healthcare Facilities.

2.       Planning for Medical Equipment Systems.

3.       The Necessary Medical Equipment Specifications, Bidding, Procurement Management, and Supervision of Medical Equipment.

4.       Mechanical Design Systems and Electrical Facilities Necessary for Healthcare.

The workshop was received with considerable interest from all attendees, and positive feedback, requesting more workshops in the future.

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