Precision Medical Planning and Medical Equipment Planning Workshop
Nov 7th – Nov.11th, 2018
Amman – Jordan 

As its name suggests, the Precision Medical Planning and Medical Planning Essentials workshop will give attendees the proper insights, tools, techniques and methodologies required for this industry. Handed down by experienced veterans with years of practical experience in real-life challenges and the most effective ways to produce a successful project. During the workshop case studies will be presented for discussions and analysis.

The first part of the workshop will be the Medical Planning. This segment will explain the building blocks of proper medical planning in an inter-related approach, while explaining the details of each block. This will enable the trainee to develop the skills to plan a multitude of hospitals with different types and sizes.

The second part will be Medical Equipment Planning. This segment will explain the process of identifying equipment requirements; the technology, location per function, quantities and specifications, using a proven methodology carried out in all UHS projects, taking into consideration the latest in medical equipment technologies.

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