Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Planning
















Whether your PACS project is an update to an old PACS solution, or a new PACS deployment; Irrespective of your project size serving a single clinic, a hospital, or various healthcare centers, UHS  provides you with a selection of various professional services you can choose from to ensure proper project delivery and successful PACS deployment throughout your enterprise while:

  • Improving your workflow
  • Easing information flow and data management
  • Easy access by authorized to secure patient data


UHS services entail the following scopes of work:

1-      Client Assessment and Requirement Generation

2-      RFP Generation of PACS system

3-      Consult to clients on vendors PACS proposals

4-      Oversee system delivery to site and ensure site preparation.

5-      Supervise system installation, testing and commissioning

6-      Supervise training and Final System Acceptance

7-      Follow up on System Performance after 1 year