UHS offers innovative Healthcare facilities consulting services including medical equipment planning solutions amongst other services that incorporate cultural awareness with economic and environmental responsibility.

Our interdisciplinary teams work collaboratively with our clients on each phase of a project from concept to operation. Using our proprietary in-house software application we prepare integrated drawings that integrate function with space, medical equipment, furniture and electro-mechanical requirements which comply with local in-country equipment and technical requirements.

Collaboratively with our clients we plan and design optimal environments for care providers and patients.



Project Research & Feasibility Studies

This research is geared towards determining projected market segments and service zones, while undertaking market-share analyses as part of… (Read More)

Functional Space Programming

The functional program formulates operational concepts and principles, and specifies the functions and procedures foreseen for the proposed hospital… (Read More)

Medical Concept and Schematic Drawings

Once all necessary infrastructure and utilities are determined, medical concept drawings – a graphic scaled presentation representing the general medical planning concept of the proposed hospital that… (Read More)

Room Data Requirement Drawings

According to the architect and/or client’s preference, room data requirement drawings will facilitate the planning of room-by-room equipment. Preliminary room schedules, listing the medical equipment… (Read More)

Equipment Layout & Technical Services

Upon approval of the preliminary design concepts, and general layout medical plans, UHS will furnish the layout drawings showing the locations and footprints of all approved major equipment… (Read More)

Equipment Specifications, BOQs, Equipment & Room Schedules, and Cost Estimates

Equipment schedules on an item-by-item basis and room schedules on a room-by-room basis are prepared for all medical equipment and hospital furniture… (Read More)

Interior Design and Signage System

The UHS I.D. service is primarily responsible for the interior design facilities. Our aim is to provide full schematic designs coordinated with the medical planning department… (Read More)

Information Technology Services (ICT)

As part of its extensive Healthcare facility planning services, UHS provides Communication Technology (ICT) consultancy services, in a comprehensive integrated manner… (Read More)

Medical Waste Management Consulting Services

Planning how to manage medical waste, how to treat it, and what is the suitable technology to use, are important issues for a healthcare facility… (Read More)

Infection Control and Patient Safety Planning

UHS has recently added the vital service of Infection Control Planning. All studies of the facility plans, patient & operating staff flow, and infrastructure… (Read More)

Landscape Design

Due to the importance of the Full Integrated Services, UHS is also providing Landscape Designs for its project’s cultural and natural environments; with the aim to achieve… (Read More)

Medical Laboratories Consulting Services

In this department, we primarily look after detailed planning of Laboratory equipment and furniture designing in projects, including their specification, scheduling, and… (Read More)

Design Consultancy Service for Kitchen & Laundry

The scope of service for Kitchen & Laundry for Healthcare facilities includes developing the planning… (Read More)

Planning For Medical Schools & Special Laboratories

UHS, and during the last few years has added a special planning service for medical schools and offered integration solutions to Architects… (Read More)

Piped Medical Gases Design

In order to provide a synchronized, integrated and efficient design for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems (MGPS) with medical equipment and systems… (Read More)

MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumbing) Design Services

UHS is able to provide complete services to its clients through cooperation with a specialized company who has vast experience in MEP services… (Read More)

Hospital Construction Project Management

UHS offers an interrelated construction project management approach whereby in addition to the traditional project management services of monitoring the progress of construction works… (Read More)

Materials Management and Handling for Healthcare Facilities

UHS in Cooperation with specialized companies offers materials management and handling operational/ management consulting and planning… (Read More)

Tender Documents and Evaluation, Procurement Management & Contract Negotiations

UHS prepares a full package of the medical equipment and furniture tender documents and offers tender evaluation services to clients seeking an objective assessment of bids to enhance the award-making decision that best serves… (Read More)

Supervision of Installation & Commissioning, Training and Handing over

UHS staff includes a team of specialized technical personnel in various medical equipment fields. This team is available to assist clients in the proper review and approval of installation drawings, supervision of pre-installation site preparation… (Read More)

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) Planning

Whether your PACS project is an update to an old PACS solution, or a new PACS deployment; Irrespective of your project size serving a single clinic, a hospital, or various healthcare centers, UHS  provides you with a selection of various professional services you can choose from… (Read More)


Existing healthcare facilities evaluation

UHS offers existing healthcare facilities the chance to update and upgrade their services, equipment, staff, etc, to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving healthcare field by evaluating the existing facility’s medical planning, medical equipment… (Read More)

Training programs for healthcare providers, architects & engineers

UHS offers specialized training courses designed with a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare facility planning, design and management for biomedical engineers, health facility planners, architects, and… (Read More)