Interior Design, Signage System, and Fit-out Services


UHS provides full interior design services; we have developed processes and concepts that improve environment in healthcare facilities in the aim to accelerate patient’s recovery. Throughout the years UHS has created original designs for a wide variety of healthcare facilities including Medical Suites, Medical Schools and Universities, Clinics, Policlinics and major Hospital complexes. UHS is proud to be among the few specialized firms, which provide a Comprehensive, Original and Healing Interior Design.

UHS also provides signage systems specifications and display boards. UHS reviews the architectural plans and analyzes the implied circulation patterns of the various traffic elements: staff, patients, visitors and materials, and put forth a planned strategy for the design of a comprehensive signage system. As such, the design ensures the integrity of signage elements, within a holistic and coordinated framework of orientation and way finding

Due to the importance of Integration Planning, Interior Design & Equipping with Construction Services, UHS started to offer Design & Fit-out services to selected customers. This service will ensure full compatibility and integration under one roof.