Information Technology Services (ICT)


Healthcare Information and communication Technologies became one of the important building blocks of any modern Healthcare Facility , it needs to be planned and designed within the overall time table of a modern Healthcare Facility and to be coordinated with all other different disciplines .

Information and communication management system were proved to enhance workflow, improve quality of care and reduce medical errors.

UHS works with the client identify his vision, strategy, and requirements for IT and will include and integrate them in the overall planning and design process for the IT, medical planning, medical equipment planning and others.

Different IT , operational and Medical equipment specialist and based on the workflow needed, speciality and operation of the facility will coordinate requirements, plan and design the different systems that includes the Hospital information Management System (HIMS) , Radiology Information System (RIS), Laboratory Information system (LIS) ,Picture archiving and communication system (PACS) , Nurse call communication system , Wireless clocks system, Telemetry , Teleradiology , Telemedicine , Audio Visual , Security System, RTLS , Access control , LAN ,Wireless LAN , WAN , VoIP and others in a coherent integrated manner